Lebanon Carpentry & Decoration Co.

Lebanon Carpentry & Decoration Co. is a Furniture Providing Solutions, Joinery Work & Interior Designs since 2000 in Qatar.
Our process begins methodically by examining your needs and requests, progressing to a close analysis of the spatial, behavioral, and cultural influences.
The core mission of our business is to bring these close understandings to a tangible and physical reality, as the client partners, the process to result in a space that is fully experienced
Introducing innovative strategies and cost effective designs, Lebanon Carpentry & Decoration Co, has left its mark in the market as a friendly, experienced, and professional solution for any growing project.


Total customer satisfaction

  • Fast and on time delivery of materials.
  • Installation team will completely and professionally install your Project according to the specification. After completing the installation, We will conduct a check to make sure that our job will meet your expectations.
  • W’e have our own professionally trained staff, which can provide you the best quality, fast and on time delivery of materials.
  • W’e have a very aggressive sales force which can give you a very competitive.